Savagnin, It's Everywhere!

Go figure-it seems to be a Savagnin moment. Not more than a few days after I blogged about my experiences with this oddball Jura grape variety, following the terrific meal I had at the new midtown Italian offshoot of Hearth, Insieme, here comes Moira Hodgson at the NY Observer, reviewing Insieme and writing about the same darn Puffeney Savagnin that Paul Grieco recommended to me. Paul! Are you starting a movement? What's going on here?

Anyway, as a 19th century Englishman might say if he were to write the next phrase, the stuff's deucedly difficult to find, but if your interest has outpaced your inertia, try going to and searching for Savagnin. And if the Puffeney doesn't turn up, consider the Rijckaert-also a mighty fine wine.

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