Rustic Spoons and Raw Honey

Last week, DailyCandy had a posting about Live Wire Farm's gorgeous hand-carved kitchen and tabletop items, from cooking spoons to napkin rings, crafted by John Robohm from trees on his 100-acre property in Jackonsville, Vermont. (The eco-conscious Robohm recently installed solar panels and wind turbines on his property, and carves the small branches from logs that end up in his wood-burning stove.) What DailyCandy didn't mention: he's planning to expand his line to super-dainty saltcellar spoons, smooth spreading knives, butter dishes and cutting boards. Plus, Robohm has an apiary on his property and makes a superb raw honey. His bees work off wildflowers and nearby apple trees, producing honey with a buttery, rounded flavor, and a distinct, almost apple-y taste—perfect for drizzling over waffles and pancakes.

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