Restaurants on Twitter

Twitter recently unveiled Twitter 101—a guide to using the social networking and micro-blogging service. It also has a series of fascinating case studies on how businesses large and small use Twitter, from Pepsi (@pepsi) to Teusner Wines (@teusnerwine) in Australia's Barossa Valley. Here, a sampling of food spots we (@fandw) adore on Twitter:

Myers + Chang, Boston (@myersandchang)
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone called out the restaurants-on-Twitter trend, posting a photo of Joanne Chang, the co-owner of Myers + Chang. Chang Tweets events, specials and short recipes.

Kogi, Los Angeles (@kogibbq)
This super-popular food truck started Tweeting its stops last November—now, hundreds of people line up for its Korean short rib tacos and kimchi hot dogs (pictured).

Sebo, San Francisco (@sebosf)
This sushi spot—a favorite of Alice Waters—Tweets its latest izakaya menus, and recently, pics of its fishermen.

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