Restaurants Are Going (RED) to Help Fight AIDS

F&W Chef-in-Residence Mario Batali and master butcher Pat LaFrieda called on chefs and restaurateurs to help fight AIDS. Their plea is being answered.

Here's your first look at a new food celeb-studded PSA from (RED), the Bono-founded organization that helps fight AIDS. It shows how little it takes to make a difference and features our own Dana Cowin handling an eel with finesse. The clip is tied to the initiative EAT (RED), DRINK (RED), SAVE LIVES, recently announced by F&W Chef-in-Residence Mario Batali and master butcher Pat LaFrieda. Their plea is being answered. From June 1 to 10, restaurants and bars around the world will serve red dishes and cocktails and pledge a portion of proceeds from those sales to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS. Participating NYC restaurants include Batali’s Babbo and Casa Mono, Danny Meyer’s The Modern and Wylie Dufresne’s Alder. In honor of the restaurant industry's response, Food & Wine is going (RED) on June 2, with an Instagram takeover featuring the creations of chefs who get involved. Learn more about the cause at Follow the campaign by using the hashtag #86AIDS.

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