Restaurant Seders

© Lucy Schaeffer



Abigael’s, New York City In addition to catering more than a dozen seders in synagogues and hotels around NYC, Abigael’s is also offering Passover to Go, with dishes like matzo ball soup accented with sweet peppers and cilantro.

Spago Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant hosts its 26th annual seder tonight, with braised beef short ribs and house-made matzo. Proceeds will benefit Mazon, a Jewish hunger-relief organization. 176 N. Canon Dr.; 310-385-0880 or

Sprinkles Cupcakes Candace Nelson’s cupcake empire is serving flourless chocolate cupcakes with a Star of David through April 6th.

Plus, from the Food & Wine archives, here are 10 more great Passover recipes, like lemony asparagus soup and honeyed carrots with currants and saffron (pictured).

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