Restaurant Funny Business

© Quentin Bacon

Minetta Tavern

2.    Goodfellas-style salumi slang at Locanda Verde
First menu I've seen with "gabagoul," phonetic slang for capocollo—a seasoned Italian meat found between the hog’s head (capo) and shoulder (collo). This is the same cold cut that triggered one of Tony Soprano's panic attacks in an episode of The Sopranos.

3.    The Ménage à Trois at DBGB Kitchen and Bar
From Daniel Boulud, the chef who introduced the $50 hamburger at DB Bistro Moderne, here $45 gets you a trifecta of beef patties with the works: The Yankee (Vermont cheddar and crispy bacon), The Piggie (Daisy May's BBQ pulled pork with jalapeño mayonnaise) and The Frenchie (crispy pork belly and caramelized onions). Check out more Boulud recipes like his skate with mushrooms and hazelnuts (pictured).

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