Recover from Cinco de Mayo with These Refreshing Drinks

Cure your hangover with these delicious nonalcoholic drinks.

Not ready for another tequila shot? Try recovering from Cinco de Mayo festivities with one of these refreshing virgin drinks.

1. Ginger-Mint Lemonade

Freshly grated ginger adds terrific spice to lemonade.

2. Cilantro-Celery Juice Punch

This bright green blend gets its zippy, herby taste from an entire bunch of cilantro.

3. Cucumber-and-Mint "Fauxjito"


This virgin riff on a classic mojito takes just five minutes to make.

4. Hibiscus Swizzle

Either mixed-berry or pomegranate juice is great for this bright cocktail.


5. Tuscan Fresco

Peach nectar and cranberry juice star in this nonalcoholic sparkling drink.

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