Recipes for Baseball All-Stars

Line Klein

The 80th Major League Baseball All-Star Game is Tuesday, July 14th in St. Louis. I’m happy to report (in hushed tones, of course, since I live in NYC) that my hometown team, the Boston Red Sox, has six players on this year’s American League squad. Here, recipes inspired by each of them:

* Sweet bay scallops for Jason Bay
* Little Shrimp Casseroles for the vertically-challenged Dustin Pedroia
* A lobster knuckle sandwich for knuckleballer Tim Wakefield
* A L’il Jig cocktail for aspiring River Dancer Jonathan Papelbon
* Fried chicken from Redhead tavern for the fiery-maned (or at least bearded) Kevin Youkilis (whose brother is the chef/owner of fantastic San Francisco restaurant, Maverick)
* Buckshot Gumbo for avid hunter Josh Beckett

If you prefer a traditional ballpark frank, Danny Meyer did the work for you in a recent New York magazine taste test to determine the best. And by the way, he thinks hot dogs pair well with Riesling.

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