Rally and Eat

One of my favorite things to do on a lazy late summer night: Play Ping-Pong at the Fat Cat in the West Village, a subterranean spot that's has been described (according to a very quick Google search) as "the greatest basement on earth" and on a similar vein, with an "I'm-in-my-friend's-basement-and-his-parents-are-out-vibe." While the Fat Cat may be well-stocked with PBRs, there's no food, unlike at the 11-month-old Comet Ping-Pong in Washington, D.C., which serves pizza (on Ping-Pong-style tables) that "should be raised in any serious discussion of Washington pizza" according to Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema. (Note to self: Time next DC visit with soft shell crab season to try Comet Ping-Pong's soft shell crab pizza, and continue my DC seafood tour at Georgetown's Hook restaurant, which my colleague Emily Kaiser blogged about earlier this week). According to a recent New York Times Magazine piece by Cowgirl Cuisine author Paula Disbrowe, great meals can be had after a Ping-Pong game even if there's no food served at the venue. The key? Follow the players.

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