Pulled Oats Are the Newest Meat Substitute

© Katri Kapanen
Finally, vegetarians get their own “pulled” food.

Gold & Green, a Finnish food startup, is looking to make waves in the meat substitute industry with a new product called pulled oats. A mix of Nordic oats and beans, the product is made to look like pulled pork, but reportedly tastes like chicken. The company believes that its bean-and-oat-based “meat” stands a chance in the $1.8 billion meat substitute market because it is non-GMO, non-allergenic, gluten-free and, unlike many other products, isn't soy-based.

“There’s nothing bad in oats,” Reetta Kivela, the co-founder of Gold & Green told Reuters. “Why beans as well? They balance each other. The amino acids that oats lacks are present in beans. So they are a good couple.”

According to the website, the pulled oats with be available in a range of flavors including Tomato, Smoked Pepper, Coriander, as well as Kaffir Lime, Sesame, Ginger and Nude. The company suggests using pulled oats in dishes like summer rolls, salads and sandwiches. Right now, Gold & Green is raising funds to start production and hopes to start selling the pulled oats in stores in Finland and Sweden by the end of the year.

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