Preview: Chicago's Terzo Piano

Barack Obama Spiaggia restaurant Terzo Piano Food & Wine mixed-greens-and-mozzarella frittata sandwich

Mantuano's been working feverishly on Terzo Piano for months, but this week he's out of town, and for good reason: The town of San Martino in Molise, Italy, is giving him an award for serving authentic Italian food to President Obama at Spiaggia.


*Soup of the Day
*Recco-style focaccia stuffed with Capriole Indiana goat cheese
*Terzo Piano Antipasto: assortment of American salumi, prosciutto, and marinated vegetables
*Olive oil whipped smoked whitefish with rosemary potato crisps and three color Cerignola olives
*Tomato flatbread with California burrata and zucchini
*Crispy fried smelt, arugula, and caper berries

*Spring salad of local peas, pea shoots, pea tendrils, crispy La Quercia guanciale, aged Wisconsin sheep’s milk cheese
*Mache salad with avocado, artichokes, asparagus, baby leeks, fava beans, sprouts, raw cashew ginger dressing
*What Came First salad: Hard boiled organic chicken egg, chicken breast, shaved celery, celery leaves, arugula, house made celery salt, lemon vinaigrette

*Yuppie Hill Farm crispy boneless chicken thigh with Chef's Garden bow tie arugula, roasted Kinnickinnick Farm tomatoes, sesame semolina bread
*Local spinach and broccoli rabe frittata on brioche with Mozzarella Company fresh whole milk mozzarella, mixed wild greens
*Uno, Due, Tre Burgers: An assortment of naturally raised piccolo burgers:
• Illinois Piemontese beef burger with Wisconsin Widmer aged brick cheese
• Pinn Oak Farms Wisconsin lamb burger with Capriole Indiana goat cheese
• Shrimp Burger with dried tomatoes and arugula

*Sesame crusted Lake Superior whitefish with tahini, organic cucumber salad
*Crescenza cheese filled ravioletti with ramps
*Hand-made spaghetti with morel mushrooms, house-made lemon ricotta
*Tagliata of prime Midwestern beef with spring vegetables, polenta
*Illinois quail spedino with Italian sausage, onions and ciabatta

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