Portland vs. Portland, Chef vs. Chef

What could be better than eating a dinner prepared by one of F&W’s fantastically talented Best New Chefs? The easy answer: Eating a dinner prepared by two of them. On November 17th, Gabriel Rucker of Le Pigeon in Portland, Oregon, will be joining fellow 2007 Best New Chef Steve Corry at Five Fifty-Five in Portland, Maine to create a special seven-course tasting menu ($150; 555 Congress St.; 207-761-0555).

Some highlights:
*Gently poached New England whelks, served with pickled corn salad by Corry.
*Rabbit spanakopita, with fromage blanc, La Quercia prosciutto and Oregon summer truffles by Rucker.
*Pacific pan-seared sturgeon accompanied by all-day braised local short ribs (an East-Meets-West Surf and Turf collaboration).
*Foie gras profiterole (“signature Gabe Rucker,” per Corry), Corry’s housemade Concord grape preserve and another of Rucker’s experiments, foie gras-infused Armagnac.

Rumor has it that Rob Evans (an F&W Best New Chef 2004) of Hugo’s in Portland, Maine will also be in the house—enjoying the dinner, not squeezing into the kitchen.

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