A Pinot Noir that Tastes Like Rocks (In a Good Way!)

A New York City wine shop owner has finally found a good French Pinot at an affordable price.

Here, wine experts reveal their favorite bottles costing less than $17. Many of the selections are lesser known but absolutely worth the search.

Who: Steve Flynn, Owner, September Wines & Spirits, New York City

What: 2012 Alphonse Dolly Pinot Noir

Why: “I love Pinot Noir from the Loire valley for its pure expression of the terroir. The grapes don’t get super ripe so what you’re left with is a very earthy, rocky and savory quality to the wines. The problem with so many Loire Pinots is that they cost $30 and up. But this gem from Sancerre producer Alphonse Dolly is only $16.99 and worth every penny.”

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