Pimp My Food Truck

In the May issue of F&W (on its way to a magazine rack or dentist’s office near you), we profile a new generation of food trucks, mobile restaurants that are far more ambitious than your typical meals-on-wheels. Several of these roving eateries, like Seattle’s Skillet, are housed in vintage Airstream trailers gutted and converted into mobile kitchens. A lifelong Airstream fanatic, I wondered what the company thought of its icons trailers being  retrofitted into restaurants, so I called up Airstream president and CEO Bob Wheeler and asked him.

“I love this trend,” he said. “For these entrepreneurs, a plain white box truck lacks the appeal and premium association that the Airstream has. Plus, I’ve seen people do much crazier stuff with their trailers.” I asked Wheeler to name the most outrageous Airstream conversion he’s ever hear of. “That would be Pam Anderson,” he said.

“Really? The cookbook author?” I asked. “No, the actress—you know, Baywatch?” Right. I’ve had my head in the food world for too long. “She had her Airstream redone for Unique Whips [a TV show featuring the auto customizer to the stars]. “They made the interior all white, covered everything in leather and shag carpeting, and added a vibrating bed and stripper pole,” Wheeler explained. “She calls it the ‘Lovestream.’ Oddly enough, she also had them install a video game station for her kids. I guess that’s the yin for her yang.”

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