Peter Luger’s New Burger-Friendly Beer

© Kate Krader
The team at Peter Luger's has decided they can make your steak/burger experience even better. 

If you thought Peter Luger’s dry-aged steak couldn’t get much better, you’re right. I believe their burger—made from some of those dry-aged scraps and served with thick slices of sweet onion and American cheese, if you want it, on a toasted sesame-studded German roll—is perfect.

But the Luger’s team has decided they can make your steak/burger experience even better. Welcome, then, Luger Rare Ale, the beer that pairs exceptionally well with their specialties. Made just for them by Brooklyn-based Sixpoint, their new brew is a rye red ale. It’s got a terrific dark, malty flavor with just a little spice. And it’s on tap, so you can drink it in a pint glass that invariably looks small next to your giant plate of meat.

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