The Perfect Cold Remedy

The Food & Wine website can be such a tease. Whenever I logged on last week (which was often), I kept seeing a recipe from chef Ratha Chau (no relation) of New York City's Kampuchea for Cambodian Chicken-and-Rice-Soup with Shrimp. Each day, as the weather got cooler yet the A/C at our office continued to hum along, I wanted the soup more and more. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to cook because I had too many plans to eat out. When I finally had a free evening, I made a giant pot. Being Cambodian, I'd prepared a version of this soup countless times, but in the past, I had started with raw chicken instead of the rotisserie chicken the recipe calls for, and skipped the ginger (I loathe peeling ginger, with all its knobs). This time, I strictly followed the recipe and discovered that not only was the rotisserie chicken a huge time saver, but it added an incredible depth of flavor. I also (grudgingly) peeled some ginger, and saved the leftover to make soothing ginger-honey tea. The next morning, I unexpectedly woke up with a massive sore throat and achiness all over—I was coming down with a cold. Luckily, I had just what I wanted in my fridge to combat it.

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