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F&W Event Preview

This Sunday, April 27, star chefs will come together in Los Angeles to support the Alzheimer’s Association and to honor legendary cookbook author Paula Wolfert.

Chefs Make Change

With all this talk of food dudes, it’s worth noting that few people alive today, male or female, have done more for the American palate than the cookbook author Paula Wolfert, who has written for this magazine since its founding in 1978. She’s best known for introducing the cuisines of Morocco and Gascony (in southwestern France) to the American mainstream. Less well-known, she was also a foraging pioneer. Back in the 1990s, when Réne Redzepi was just starting his career, Wolfert began researching her cookbook Mediterranean Grains and Greens, which cataloged dozens of wild edibles when it was published in 1998. (A typical entry in the book’s extensive appendix: “Butcher’s Beard (Borago offiinalis) The young shoots are tart and bitter, but when cooked they develop a bluish purple color and a well-balanced flavor. Used in risottos and frittatas.”) Read more >



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