Pastry Chef Laura Sawicki's Grown-Up Take on Toast with Sprinkles

© Jenny Sathingam
Here, pastry chef Laura Sawicki breaks down her amazing rye toast with chocolate sprinkles.

“Bread and butter is literally my favorite thing in the world,” says pastry chef Laura Sawicki, a 2012 F&W Best New Pastry Chef. At Launderette in Austin, she serves her version of a favorite childhood after-school snack: toast with butter and “chocolaties” (a.k.a. sprinkles).

Here, Sawicki deconstructs her extraordinary toast:

1. Chocolate ganache
A thin layer is rich “but not an over-the-top chocolate assault,” says Sawicki.

2. Rye crumble
Rye bread from local bakery Easy Tiger is dehydrated and then ground.

3. Rye bread ice cream
Caraway seeds and deeply toasted rye bread steep in cream for 15 minutes before churning.

4. Toasted marshmallow
Black pepper marshmallows are a nod to s’mores.

5. Poached pears
Cinnamon, coriander and bay leaves infuse Bosc pears poached in white wine.

6. Black currant gel
Sawicki adds a hint of Bulleit rye whiskey to a rich, jammy black currant gel.

2115 Holly St.;

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