Pasta Shapes for Every Personality

Find your ideal pasta shape.

Two British physicists have invented a new pasta shape to help illustrate a physics mystery. Anelloni is a large looped pasta that clumps and tangles together when it’s cooked and tossed into a bowl—much like ring-shaped polymers, which intertwine and tangle into dense masses. (Read more about the science here.)

While the physicists’ noodle innovation may mean a huge step forward in the study of ring-shaped polymers, it also means that there is now the perfect pasta shape for science lovers. Find your ideal pasta shape using the guide below.

Oenophiles: Cavatappi
The corkscrew-shaped pasta is terrific for wine lovers. Try it with a simple pepperoni sauce, tossed with shrimp, sugar snaps and artichokes or an unexpectedly delicious mix of Tex-Mex flavors like chorizo, black beans and chili.

Beachcombers: Conchiglie
The shell-shaped noodles will remind seafarers and beach bums of their favorite locale. Try them tossed with shrimp and garlicky bread crumbs, baked with pesto, mozzarella and meat sauce or in a creamy artichoke sauce with smoked chicken.

Fashionistas: Farfalle
Bow tie pasta is perfect for the dapper pasta-lover who won’t stand for an underdressed bowl of noodles. Try it a la vodka in a rich and smoky sauce, tossed with crabmeat and oregano butter or a healthy dose of green vegetables.

Gearheads: Rotelle
Wagon wheels will keep car-enthusiasts’ motors running at the dinner table. Try them in a refreshing combination of yogurt, cucumber and dill, with a quick sauce of bacon, watercress and cherry tomatoes or with broccoli and Parmesan cheese.

Crafters: Ditalini
Ditalini translates to “little thimbles,” great for DIYers, needle-pointers and other crafty types. Try the tiny, delicate pasta risotto-style with mussels, clams and saffron, in a creamy goat cheese sauce or in a cozy squash soup.

Newlyweds: Ziti
Zito is Italian for bridegroom—ziti is the plural. Newlyweds can reminisce about their special day over a hearty bowl of tubular pasta. Try it in a cheesy Roquefort sauce, baked with pesto or simply tossed with roasted vegetables.

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