Oprah Loves Art Smith’s Turkey Chili

Turkey-and-Pinto-Bean Chili

© Constantine Poulos
Turkey-and-Pinto-Bean Chili

Our coverage of the Chefs Make Change coalition continues today with a spotlight on Art Smith’s charity Common Threads, which teaches kids about nutrition and cultural diversity through after-school cooking programs. Smith shared a recipe in the February issue for Turkey-and-Pinto-Bean Chili, a favorite of Oprah’s that also appeals to his charity's target demographic. "It's got some spice, which I think kids love as much as adults do," he explains. Currently, Common Threads operates in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Washington, DC, and Smith hopes to expand to New York soon. You can donate to Common Threads and other chef-run charities by visiting foodandwine.com/donate.

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