Online Recipe Clubs

Foodies must run in small (virtual) circles. Perhaps the best merging of food and technology I've come across is Cook Here and Now, a blog by Marco Flavio Marinucci that gathers dozens of people around the Bay Area to cook and eat Sunday dinner together about once a month. (I met with Marco earlier in the week and he says more Cook Here and Nows are forming in other cities—stay tuned).

Recently, I've been receiving e-mails from all sorts of food-obsessed people inviting me to be part of another type of virtual food group: an online recipe club calling for an exchange of quick, easy recipes. The invite from a former coworker was expected; but then I got them from more random people—an old friend from high school I see once a year, and I even got one from a stranger I chatted up while dining at Market Table in Manhattan a few months back. (Jen Leuzzi over at the blog Snack posts about a great recipe club idea here.) For my own exchange, I already know which recipe to offer: Senior Recipe Developer Grace Parisi's deeply flavorful, coconut-y West African chicken soup, featured in our December issue.

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