Olympic Update: Vancouver’s Modern Asian Food


© Amy Rosen

Cattle Café: Hong Kong 1020-8580 Alexandra Rd.; 604-276-2800 or cattlecafe.ca.

Well Tea:
Unit 170-4811, Hazelbridge Way; 604-278-7268 or welltea.ca.

Gyo-O: 2137-3779 Sexsmith Rd.; 604-295-4072 or gyo-o.com.


Fisherman’s Terrace Restaurant: The focus here is big-ticket seafood, like local geoduck prepared two ways: sashimi-style, and lightly battered and stir-fried with loads of garlic, jalapeños and green onion. 3580-4151 Hazelbridge Way, 604-303-9739.

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