(Not So) Blind Item: Rapper's Delights

Oh, how quickly word spreads. Yesterday I received an impassioned email from a friend (subject line: "best cooking show concept since Dweezil and Lisa!"), which included a link to a new online cooking show that, indeed, could be the future of food entertainment. Because the show in question contains some rather PG-13 language, I planned on posting a blind item ("Which Grammy-winning rapper and occasional actor—who penned the lyric 'If ya got beef, then fool eat a pork chop'—is hosting an online cooking show?") and letting you, curious and forewarned reader, find it for yourself. But by the time I got around to writing anything about it, some of our favorite blogs had already picked up on this oh-so-quotable piece of pop culture. So you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. 

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