The Next Food TV: Musical Cooking Lessons

If Chef Do-Re-Mi had existed three years ago, maybe I never would have spent all my money on culinary school. Julia Douglass, a musician who performs regularly at New York City’s Living Room and is a fellow Institute of Culinary Education alum, and Al Houghton, a musician and owner of Dubway Studios, just launched a series of catchy sing-song cooking lessons on topics like skinning a fish (“pull wiggle wiggle”) and making a roux (“equal parts fat and flour make a roux”). The duo even put some songs to brilliant animations that I’ve watched more than once. What can I say? I’m a sucker for smiling vegetables. Not all songs are so upbeat. In “The Sad Ballad of Carryover Heat,” you’d swear the angst-ridden female voice was lamenting over a failed relationship, not well-done meat (although one could argue that both incidents are equally tragic). Heartbreaking or not, the lessons work: When grilling with my friends this weekend, I’ll surely be swaying and singing,  “If you care, for medium rare, take it out please, at one twenty degrees.

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