A New Must-Read on the Politics of (Pet) Food

Marion Nestle's Pet Food Politics

© Lee Friedman
Marion Nestle's Pet Food Politics

What to Eat Pet Food Politics: The Chihuahua in the Coal Mine pet-food recall tainted

Many of us might look for the nearest pile of sand to bury our heads and try to forget the unfortunate event, but Nestle follows the melamine trail to explain in clear English what happened, why, and what to do about it. On more than one subway ride, I found myself so absorbed by her Grisham-esque narrative that I missed my stop. And I’m surprisingly heartened: She reports how the pet-food industry has begun to clean up its act—and explains out how the rest of the food world can, too (For anyone concerned about the recent baby-formula scandal, this book might help.)

Last week, Nestle took a moment to talk about writing Pet Food Politics, what pet owners should feed their animals and her relationship to the beautiful Samoyed dog that appears with her in the photograph on the book jacket. A Q&A follows after the jump.

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