Nestlé Toll House Cookies—The New Health Food?

The Economist is not usually the magazine I turn to for feel-good stories. But as an unrepentant chocolate-eater, it was heart-warming to see their recent profile on Nestlé, “The Unrepentant Chocolatier.” Specifically, Nestlé plans to become the “world’s leading health, nutrition and ‘wellness’ firm.” Yippee! But how will they do that? By making chocolates and other products “functional,” i.e., adding micronutrients, like iron and zinc, to foods. (Their claim: This is different than controversial genetically modified foods, because they’re adding healthy ingredients; “no weird stuff,” they say.) Nestlé’s plan is to make every one of their products healthier. How great for me if I can start saying that I’m eating all those Toll House cookies for my health.

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