Misty Copeland Loves Lobster Rolls, Bakes a Mean Caramel-Apple Pie

This star dancer is unafraid to cook for the entire American Ballet Theatre company, but Japanese rice balls make her nervous.

Misty Copeland is unafraid to cook for the entire American Ballet Theatre company, but Japanese rice balls make her nervous.

Kitchen Competition
For five years, a dancer friend and I had a cooking contest. We would dress up in crazy costumes—one year I was Michelle Obama and she was Sarah Palin—and cook for the whole American Ballet Theatre company. Once, I made a caramel-apple pie with the most flaky, buttery crust. I won hands down.

Top-Notch Takeout
It’s become a Sunday tradition for me to order Luke’s lobster rolls and eat them on my roof.

Favorite Fall Snack
I love roasting pumpkin seeds. Don’t overbake them—they keep cooking when you take them out.

Drinking Champagne with Everything
My go-to is anything with bubbles, especially Veuve Clicquot demi-sec. At the wine store near my apartment in New York City, they said, “You’re the only one who buys this. Should we stock up for you?” And I said, “Yes!” When I drink red wine, I like Meiomi Pinot Noir.

Vending-Machine Cuisine
I’ve eaten things on trips to Japan that I’m not sure I would eat again, like rice balls from vending machines. I can’t read the labels, so the fillings are a surprise.

Her Memoir, Life in Motion
I was on vacation in Mexico when I read the first edit of my book, and I was freaking out that it didn’t sound like me. I was so overwhelmed, I just jumped in the pool.

Eating Breakfast with Prince
I performed in his video for “Crimson and Clover,” and toured with him. I don’t know if the rumor about him making great pancakes is true, but he does make good scrambled eggs.

Hosting Friendsgiving
I used to host big Thanksgiving dinners—I’d invite as many of the 100 members of the ABT company as I could fit in my apartment.

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