Mission Cantina + Mission Chinese Food = The Ultimate Burrito

© Lawrence Marcus
Sometimes dreams do come true, especially if your dreams revolve around ma po tofu.

Sometimes dreams do come true, especially if your dreams revolve around ma po tofu. I’ve been obsessed with the meat ragu-styled, Sichuan pepper bombshell that is Mission Chinese Food’s ma po tofu since my very first taste of it. Now MCF owner Danny Bowien and executive chef Angela Dimayuga have turned it into the filling for the killer Mission Burrito at their sister restaurant, Mission Cantina on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Because an all ma po tofu burrito might be too much for some people—except me—the MCF team has stuffed another one of their beloved dishes inside the tortilla: salt-cod fried rice. Mission Cantina’s chef Alison Rivera got a ma po tofu lesson from Dimayuga; she also got a rice cooker and is now making all the components at Cantina. The excellent mash-up burrito goes on sale tonight, September 28, at both Mission Cantina and MCF in San Francisco, and then will be available at lunch and dinner at both restaurants. Even better: $.50 from each burrito goes to the Bowery Mission in NYC.

An added bonus on the new Mission Burrito: It’s portable, so I can take it with me wherever I go. (The burrito comes wrapped in Mission Cantina’s new Insane Clown Posse–decorated paper placemats.) “It’s like walking with heaven to have a ma po tofu–stuffed burrito,” says Dimayuga, and I totally agree.

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