Microplane Magic

As if I didn't already believe that Microplanes are the single best kitchen (and other-makes a great pedicure tool, too!!) tool, I serendipitously discovered yet another brilliant use this weekend when I made grilled lemongrass chicken. I had a few stalks in my freezer, but no time or interest in thawing. Plus, I can never chop it fine enough for my taste, sharp knives not withstanding. I pulled out my fine Microplane and grated my frozen lemongrass stalk into fluffy, sawdust-fine shards. I didn't even have to peel the outer layer. Then, I grated some ginger (amazingly, the grater left the peel behind) and a large garlic clove all to a superfine puree. I mixed it all with some miso, fish sauce and brown sugar and was good to go in about 5 minutes. The intensity of the lemongrass really came through precisely because the pieces were so ultra-fine; they were able to permeate the chicken thoroughly. I may never need to chop again!

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