Melissa Clark's Life-Changing Bread Moment

Food Writer Melissa Clark shares her life-changing memories.

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Who: Melissa Clark

What: Food Writer, Cooking Show Host and Author

Where: The New York Times; @melissaclark

Double file this under "being in the right place at the right time" and "not being afraid to take a risk."

When I was in graduate school getting my MFA in writing, cooking was a part-time job and hobby. I had a small catering company to support my writing, but the assumption was my first book published would be a coming-of-age memoir disguised as a novel—you know, just like all my seminar mates. Then a friend of a friend who worked at a book publisher asked me to write a bread machine cookbook. I'd never used a bread machine before. I had barely ever baked a loaf of bread. But I said yes and plunged in, running four bread machines simultaneously for six weeks straight. I worked my butt off to make that book happen, and I loved every minute of the process—the intense, flour-covered learning curve included. My first book, The Bread Machine Cookbook, was not anything I could have imagined writing, but it did give me the confidence to call myself a food writer, and I never looked back at that memoir. At least not yet.

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