Meet the Scallobit, a Scallop-Halibut Hybrid

© Peter Serpico
Momofuku alum Peter Serpico has turned hybrid food high-end.

Everyone remembers the Cronut phenomenon of 2013—and all the sushirritos, ramen burgers and everything bagel doughnuts that followed. The hybrid food trend made a grand entrance into our lives (and Instagrams), but has seemed to slowly fade out. But just when we thought we'd seen enough culinary fusions for one decade, Momofuku veteran Peter Serpico introduced the scallobit.

Serpico, a veteran of the Momofuku empire who has hung his own shingle in Philadelphia, has taken Maine halibut and crusted it with minced scallop, creating a hybrid that differs from its progenitors in one key respect: It's upscale. Instead of inhabiting a bakery or a Smorgasburg stall, this intriguing frankenfish graces the menu of a James Beard Award-winning chef.

Serpico cooks the scallobit extremely slowly over moderate heat, which allows the sweet scallop crust to meld with the firmly textured fish. The result, according to Philadelphia Inquirer restaurant critic Craig LaBan, is "a canvas of luscious seafood purity."

While the days of the Hot Dog Bites Pizza may be numbered, Serpico has perhaps tapped into a new culinary category altogether. Will this be the year of high-end hybrid foods? We're excited—and also scared.

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