Meet the 2014 F&W Best New Chefs

Introducing the 2014 F&W Best New Chefs! 

It's the moment everyone has been waiting for—the 2014 Best New Chefs reveal! "Food & Wine Best New Chefs set the trends for restaurants across the country," says F&W's Editor in Chief Dana Cowin. "For instance, this year's winners are obsessed with wood-fired grilling and cooking with vegetables at every stage of ripeness." Congratulations to the new class of incredibly talented chefs who will be featured in the July issue of Food & Wine and showcased at the 32nd annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

2014 F&W Best New Chefs
Matthew Accarrino—SPQR; San Francisco, CA
Dave Beran—Next; Chicago, IL
Greg Denton & Gabrielle Quiñónez Denton—Ox; Portland, OR
Eli Kulp—Fork; Philadelphia, PA
Matt McCallister—FT33; Dallas, TX
Joe Ogrodnek & Walker Stern—Dover; Brooklyn, NY
Paul Qui—Qui; Austin, TX
Cara Stadler—Tao Yuan; Brunswick, ME
Ari Taymor—Alma; Los Angeles, CA
Justin Yu—Oxheart; Houston, TX

To go behind the scenes at tonight's Best New Chefs party, follow @foodandwine on Twitter and Instagram and join the conversation with #FWBNC.

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