Mario in Sin City, Mario in Spain

Today is the presumed opening date of B & B Ristorante. For everyone who doesn’t have that marked prominently on their calendar, that’s Mario Batali's first foray, with partner Joe Bastianich, into Las Vegas; B & B will be Babbo by way of Sin City. Mario’s been holed up at the Venetian getting things ready (no 'whatever happens in Vegas jokes,' from me).

He did appear last night, however, in the premier of Mark Bittman’s excellent new PBS series The Best Recipes in the World. Apparently Mario had such a good time doing the show that he’s signed on to do a 20-something-part series with Bittman this fall, focusing on the ultimate food and road trip around Spain—complete with celebrities both from the food world (no one’s saying Ferran Adrià, but I will) and the Us Weekly world (I wouldn’t even know where to begin guessing). The series will also be recorded in Spanish and distributed to Spanish-speaking stations around the world, so I’m hoping this road trip takes on the soap opera character of a telenovela.

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