Mario Batali’s New PSA Will Have You Grabbing For Your Closest Ugly Celery Root

For Earth Day, superstar chef ​Mario Batali came up with an unconventional and brilliant way to shout out this all important day.

Everyone celebrates Earth Day in his or her own way. This year, superstar chef ​Mario Batali came up with an unconventional and brilliant method for shouting out the all important holiday. Inspired by the PSAs for the ​Humane Society and the ​​ASPCA, Batali created his own PSA. Titled Save Ugly Food: A Message From Mario Batali, the mock-grave video shows a selection of forlorn, misshapen vegetables, and also delivers some honestly disturbing intel (around six billion pounds of fruit and vegetables are wasted in the U.S. every year). "Many of these brave little apples, parsnips and tomatoes are passed over because of their looks," says Batali gravely. "Won't you help save them?"

As you can see in Mario Batali's awesome video here, there are of course multiple things you can do with these foods, including using bruised vegetables and fruits in dishes, especially when they're baked or pureed. (Check out Batali's new free Earth Day recipe collection for ideas.) You can also search out F&W's #loveuglyfood and Batali's #saveuglyfood hashtag for other solutions.

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