Luxe Recipes You Won't Regret Making

The grim economic reports may have you holding onto your pennies, but yesterday, Wall Street Journal columnist Robert Frank wrote about a Harvard Business Review article that says we all might be a little happier splurging, even in the long run. The authors wrote, “Our research shows that forgoing indulgences today can feed strong regrets later, and that near-term regrets about self-indulgence dramatically fade with time.” To test out the theory, treat yourself to a few summery luxe ingredients and try one of these fantastic recipes:

Lobster Sliders

King Crab and Avocado Shooters

Corn and Chanterelle Crostini

Tex-Mex Porterhouse Steaks

Mixed Berry Hand Pies with Raspberry and Mascarpone Whipped Cream (for an extra splurge, add the rarer and often pricier black raspberries).

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