Lollapalooza Food


Ben Harper, the Decemberists, Band of Horses and the Killers are just a few of the stellar bands gathering in Chicago this August 7–9 for the annual Lollapalooza music festival. Another highlight: amazing food cooked by F&W Best New Chef 2004 Graham Elliot Bowles. Snacks—all $9 or less—will mimic the whimsical dishes Bowles serves at his eponymous Chicago restaurant but with a state-fair bent: lobster corn dogs, buffalo chicken with blue-cheese foam, black-pepper-parmesan-truffle popcorn.

Bowles, something of a music junkie himself (he recorded some of the songs that play at his restaurant) will also be cooking a VIP dinner for Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell and his band, Jane’s Addiction, who will be taking the stage Sunday night.

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