Locanda Verde: First Look

Here are five reasons why I already know I’m going to love Locanda Verde, the restaurant in Robert De Niro’s Greenwich Hotel, which I got a preliminary, still-some-construction-going-on look at.

* Andrew Carmellini (an F&W Best New Chef 2000) is back in an NYC kitchen.

* The restaurant’s spacious outdoor lounge is possibly the best al fresco space in Manhattan (Carmellini says it’s what made him sign on to the project in the first place).

* Succulent lamb sliders on homemade Parmesan rolls with homemade pickles are off the hook.

* The menu alla famiglia, which Carmellini is planning to change weekly, is only $32. (Carmellini has stocked up on platters in anticipation of the family-style food he’ll be serving.)

* Wait until you see the bar: The Spotted Pig's Ken Friedman, who is consulting on the project, has some very cool plans for it.

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