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By the Editors of Food & Wine Magazine

Expert Lessons

Counter Culture, the obsessed-over Durham, NC coffee roaster whose beans are used in over 150 shops and restaurants in NYC alone (like Abraço, Smith Cantine, Charlie Bird and Maysville), opened its new training center in Nolita this month. Pros and enthusiastic amatueurs can take classes or attend public cuppings every Friday morning at the sunny state-of-the-art facility, which is outfitted with Modbar espresso systems (whose controls are located under the counter, so baristas aren't stuck behind bulky machines) and every immersion and drip brewing device imaginable, including the currently-trending Kalita Wave. Because of its flat bottom, some experts say the sleek Japanese device produces a more evenly-extracted, cleaner-tasting cup of coffee than a traditional cone-shaped brewer. Here, staff instructor Erin McCarthy offers his tips for the dripper, which he used to win the World Brewers Cup Championship in Australia this past May. Read more >



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