Jason Stratton's Style Picks

Jason Stratton's style picks are perfect for similarly fearless and adventurous cooks ready to tackle any DIY project. Read more >

Spinasse (Seattle) chef Jason Stratton's fearless style suits the adventurous home cook ready to tackle any DIY project—even buying a whole pig for charcuterie (a specialty at the Piedmontese-inspired Spinasse). Here, Stratton's holiday presents for kindred spirits.

WATCH The futuristic Zub Zirc 20 comes in bold colors. $119; nooka.com

HAT The Rosebud fedora gives a classic style a punch of color. $100; goorin.com

SUNGLASSES Sleek, oversize Xanadu glasses from Götti. $310; gotti.ch

T-SHIRT A graphic shirt celebrates fashion risk taker Grace Jones. $17; Yellow Friday Shop on etsy

BAG Queen Bee trucker bags. $142; queenbee-creations.com

JACKET A colorful blazer designed by Yoko Ono. $595; openingceremony.us

SHOES Futuristic unisex shoes from Dimovi. $186; dimovi.us

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