It's Best New Chefs Week!

John Kernick Inc
Identifying Best New Chefs is without a doubt our most exciting project of the year. All this week, we'll introduce you to the super-talented class of 2015.

Identifying Best New Chefs is without a doubt our most exciting project of the year. After searching for more than six months, we love showcasing 
up-and-coming talent and welcoming culinary thinkers into the Food & Wine family. From these emerging chefs, we get a peek into the future of eating in America. This year, we foresee a passion for reinventing brunch, as Jonathan Brooks demonstrates at Milktooth in Indianapolis. We embrace the continued elevation of Mexican food with tacos as the gateway dish, as so elegantly executed by Carlos Salgado at Taco María in Costa Mesa, California. And we anticipate more chefs creating highly ambitious, deeply personalized cuisine served in intimate spaces, just as Jake Bickelhaupt does at 42 Grams 
in Chicago. Clearly the Best New Chefs aren’t the only ones thrilled about their awards. Meeting them for the first time is a highlight 
of my year, and this week, we'll share the fun with you as we unveil more about these fantastic chefs here on F&W's website.

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