Introducing Chefs in Conversation: Kristen Kish and Michael Symon Banter About Roast Chicken

Watch the clip above and find out how to roast a beautifully-bronzed chicken fast.

For our new video series, Chefs in Conversation, the food world’s biggest stars gathered at Chefs Club by Food & Wine in the St. Regis Aspen to debate, wax lyrical and reminisce about their favorite topics—from hating on kale to executing a perfect dish.

First up, Top Chef star Kristen Kish and super chef–hyphenate Michael Symon pair up to talk birds: juicy roast chickens with crispy browned skin and all the drippings. Watch the clip above and find out how to roast a beautifully bronzed chicken fast.

Each day this week we'll premiere a new video of chefs revealing their expert how-tos, cooking tips and kitchen strategies. Stay tuned by following #TechniqueWeek on on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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