Insanely Crispy Garlic Short Ribs

These crunchy short riblets from Andrew Zimmern are the perfect snack for eating with a frosty glass of beer.

These Philippine short ribs from Andrew Zimmern are insanely crunchy—and easy to make.

This is a classic Philippine rib recipe that will be impossible for you to resist making again and again. The vinegar in this dish is a holdover from the first wave of Spanish cookery that influenced much of Pinoy (Filipino) food culture. I first started doing this with racks of baby back ribs, cut in half lengthwise and in between every other bone. Then I started making this recipe with chicken wings, then with sliced pork belly. Then I started trying it with thin slices of short rib, and that’s where we stand today. It’s pretty darn tasty. Get the recipe.

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