Ilan Hall, Top Shopper

Last month, Snack blogger Jennifer Leuzzi spotted Top Chef Ilan Hall at JFK, en route to the South Beach Food & Wine Festival. This was not just any old Ilan Hall.  As Jennifer related, this was a blinging-up-those-around-him-by-osmosis-blinged-out Ilan Hall, ostensibly just off from a celebratory spree at the Caesar's Shops.  Snack was kind enough to price it out for us:

Moncler black vest: $375
Pink shoe laces for white Nikes: $4
Louis Vuitton duffel bag: $1,100
Louis Vuitton white belt with candy-colored logo:$350
Patek Philippe Aquanaut Luce watch in pure white (with diamonds): $11,950

But, Ilan is a reality show winner, which means he knows a thing or two about dropping a shocking twist.  Brace: The bling was all 100 percent fake, straight-from-Canal-Street knock-offs (the one real item he'd bought on sale). The only thing more reality-show-bizarre than the reveal is that Ilan, over dinner, priced out the outfit for us:

Moncler black vest: $200 (on sale)
Pink shoe laces for white Nikes: $4
"Louis Vuitton" duffel bag (fake): $40
"Louis Vuitton" white belt with candy-colored logo (fake): $11
"Chanel" unisex watch with "diamonds" (fake): $35 (hey, all those luxury watches look the same)

Now we can only hope that Ilan uses the roughly $13,500 he saved as down payment for a restaurant on Canal Street. And takes Jennifer Leuzzi watch shopping some time soon.

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