How to Throw an Extra-Crispy Super Bowl Party

You're already frying wings. Why not fry everything?

We know this much is true: Your Super Bowl party must have chicken wings. And if you're committed to properly crispy, Bowl-worthy wings, you'll be breaking out the fryer or heating up a big pot of hot oil. Make the most of it by frying up these game day snacks as well.

Onion Rings

These have club soda in the batter, which makes the coating extra-crispy.

Potato-Skin Crisps

A super-addictive hybrid of potato skins and chips.

Hush Puppies

Cornmeal is technically a whole grain, so these are healthy...?


Homemade doughnuts are the BEST.

Fried Pickles

Pickles < fried pickles, obviously.

Cauliflower-and-Cumin Fritters

Make these for a vegetarian and they'll love you forever.

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