How to Make Turkey Tamales with Thanksgiving Leftovers

We're partnering with our Time Inc. sister brands Cooking LightHealthMy RecipesReal SimpleSouthern Living and Sunset to bring you 60 days of amazing holiday video, with a new theme each week. This week, we’re talking stategy.

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, you could go for the classic turkey sandwich or maybe even a no-waste detox brodo. But if you're craving spice, turkey tamales provide another Plenty Project–friendly solution. In this video, star chefs Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken combine dark meat with spicy poblanos for a delicious day-after meal. A side of tart raw cranberry salsa brings it back to the holiday.

For a guide to folding tamales, watch this video from our sister brand Sunset on three ways to fold a tamale.

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