How to Make a Martini and More Cocktail Tips from ICE

Watch how to create a cocktail kit, use jiggers, shake like a pro and ultimately make the perfect martini.

In a continued effort to master her mistakes, F&W editor-in-chief Dana Cowin stopped by the Institute of Culinary Education for a mixology masterclass with Director of Beverage Studies Anthony Caporale. In addition to showing how to make the perfect martini, Caporale demoed a few other festive cocktails that will definitely get you through New Year’s Eve, including a Ramos Gin Fizz riff and a spicy ginger Collins. Watch the clips below and resolve to make perfect drinks through 2016.

How to Make a Martini

This video shows not only how to make a martini, but also how to prepare an essential bar kit and how to shake a cocktail.

How to Make a Ramos Gin Fizz Float

Learn how to strain cocktails in this video, which includes a riff on the classic New Orleans Ramos Gin Fizz. Bonus: it includes ice cream.

How to Make a Spicy Ginger Collins

Here, Caporale shows how to make a Ginger-Jalapeño Collins and explains how to use jiggers.

How to Make a Limoncello-Thyme Martini

To balances the sweetness of this Limoncello martini, Caporale likes to add herbal notes with thyme.

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