How to Make Instant Christmas Ice Cream

When you inevitably come down with cookie ennui this holiday season, don’t give up and stop eating sweets. Just switch to something lighter and easier to make: ice cream!

Watch the video above to learn how to make almost-instant ice cream with frozen bananas from F&W Test Kitchen’s Justin Chapple. Then, Christmas-ify the quick and delicious dessert with these mix-in ideas.

Spicy, crunchy ginger snap crumbles is terrific in the easy ice cream.

Add some minty freshness with store-bought peppermint bark or homemade peppermint buttercrunch.

This DIY double-chocolate cookie crumble is hard to resist. Try to save enough to mix into a few scoops.

Crunchy candied almonds are a deliciously nutty addition.

Zesty candied orange slices look great mixed into ice cream and taste amazing too.

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