How to Make Eric Ripert's Provençal Vegetable Soup

© David Malosh
Eric Ripert's excellent vegetable soup tastes like summer all year long.

Chef Eric Ripert of New York City’s Le Bernardin travels from Bhutan to Italy to be inspired by "new architecture, new cultures, new everything." But in his memoir 32 Yolks (out this month), Ripert returns to a familiar place: the south of France, where he grew up. "At least once a week in the summers we had pistou soup," he recalls. "It’s so hot there. Basically you eat lunch under the shadow of the trees and, at night, at the front of the house—sometimes in the driveway. It’s a time to be convivial," he adds. "It’s not a luxurious experience." Now he makes his aunt’s version of the classic Provençal soup when he cooks for himself. "It’s not about experimentation," he says. "It’s about great flavors that I love." 155 W. 51st St.;

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