How to Make Crab Cakes with Smoky Onion Remoulade

© John Kernick
Learn how to make Marc Forgione's homemade crabcakes and smoky onion remoulade.

When Marc Forgione was a boy, he’d frequently visit his father Larry’s pioneering Manhattan restaurant, An American Place. The cooks would make Marc something kid-friendly to eat while he hung out with his dad, like a chicken salad sandwich. One night, when he was in fourth grade, Marc put on a jacket and tie and brought in an important guest for dinner: his Catholic-school teacher Sister Helen Edward. (“She used to pull my hair to keep me in line,” he recalls.) Attempting to impress her with his sophistication, he ordered the crab cake. To his surprise, he loved it. Today, at his New York City steakhouse, American Cut, he serves his own pan-fried version with his dad’s smoked-onion remoulade. 363 Greenwich St.;

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