How to Make Candied Yams Without the Can

© John Kernick
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So many of our favorite Thanksgiving sides and desserts call for canned ingredients, but candied yams, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie are all better made from scratch—and it’s much easier than you think. Here, a guide to banishing cans from your kitchen this holiday.

Slow-Cooked Candied Yams
See how a slow cooker can create perfect candied yams with minimal effort.

Green Beans with Cremini Mushroom Sauce
This take on green bean casserole uses crème fraîche for creaminess, complemented by a topping of crispy fried shallots.

Chunky Cranberry Sauce
The jury is still out on whether fresh cranberry sauce is officially better than canned, but this simple recipe makes a strong case for the DIY approach.

Pumpkin Pie
It seems daunting, but roasting fresh pumpkin doesn’t require much more than a good knife. Save the seeds and make one of these great pumpkin seed recipes.

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